Show logo: Drawing of 2 figures holding interconnected hearts

Love and Information

by Caryl Churchill

February 9, 11, 12*, 17, 18, 19*, 2023

William Inge Memorial Theatre

Teasing out the truth and assigning it meaning is difficult, especially in a multifaceted, 24/7 media landscape where misinformation spreads and we find ourselves constantly, mindlessly scrolling. In Love and Information, student performers and designers are given the freedom and responsibility to create a play that resonates for them and their unique perspectives, choosing the order and setting of short scenes which explore the intersections of beliefs, knowledge, and the search for community. Join us for the department’s first production to feature an ensemble forged between theatre and dance, and witness a kaleidoscope of encounters that investigate how humans create meaning and purpose. 

Creative Team

Directed by Jane Barnette & James Moreno
Scenic Design by Rana Esfandiary
Cotume Coordination by Hanah Glimpse
Lighting Design by Sara Baird
Sound Design by Kieran Spears
Dramaturgy by Jonah Greene
Stage Management by Kaitlin Nelke


Zoe Arp, Tanner Ashenfelter, Ashleigh Contos, John Dawkins, Rianna DeHart, Marissa Gaffen, Pey Hadley, Brandon Heflin, Isabella Lind, India MacDonald, Brad Mathewson, Jordan Nevels, Caleb Jonathan Parish, Lauren K. Smith, Kieran Spears, and Jonathan Wall